Friday, February 1, 2008

The Ron Paul Revolution

Rebublican presidential hopeful Ron Paul was in town yesterday, aparently speaking before cheering crowds of Spokanites about his plans for immediate withdrawal from Iraq (and all other international military entanglements), to provide abrupt and rigorous tax cuts, and to protect us from the menace of a multi-cultural culture by building giant walls around our country and stationing heavily-armed guards at all entrances. I would have thought that his line of reasoning (if you can call it that) and his idea of America would appeal mostly to crotchety old men who feel sidelined and marginalized by a younger and better workforce and who would prefer to blame it (and everything else, from the price of gas to El Nino weather) on Mexicans--whether here illegally or otherwise--than to actually take stock of themselves. As it stands, however, the four Ron Paul supporters I've actually encountered have all been 18-year-old white males. And I have to wonder about that. What is it about his message that appeals to them? His campaign is certainly steeped in fear-mongering and conspiracy-building that has a disturbingly xenophobic bent (see --It can't be a good thing that young men are showing an interest. Any thoughts?


Herb Alchemist said...

One of the main reasons he has such popularity amongst young males is that he is one of the only candidates that takes a strong stance on ending prohibition.

I write a blog on drug culture and I find that there are many Ron Paul supporters in the psychoactive community. Ending the drug war is one of our most important issues.

Jillian said...

Wow, that is interesting--Thanks for the information. It actually worries me less to hear that.

Actually, Paul takes a harder stance on many issues than the other candidates. Most of the mainstream candidates try to straddle the fence so they can appeal to voters on both sides of the issues. I can see how Paul would be appealing in that way.