Friday, July 24, 2009

Best. Wedding Video. Ever.

A couple dear friends just got engaged yesterday, so maybe that's why I have weddings on my mind. In any case, I hope (and suspect) theirs will be as much fun as this:

Yet Another Paddlesports Post (I need a new hobby)

Here are the promised photos from the Second Annual Ross Lake Canoe Extravaganza 2009!

Wow, just wow. Gordon after a swim near Big Beaver Creek. Okay, ladies, that's enough staring, move on.

One of the most beautiful camp spots in the world, yes? At Tenmile Island.

Jillian paddling with North Cascades views.

A rapid on Big Beaver Creek that Gordon wanted to try running in the canoe. Jillian

What we did when we weren't paddling, hiking or swimming. Gordon reading Agatha Christie. Note: The murderer wasn't who we thought! Damn red herrings!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


For those of you who hadn't heard, my beloved Wavesport EZG 50 developed a crack last week and had to be warrantied. I had only owned it for 10 months, so there were no problems. Four days later I received a new boat (thank you Lonny @ Mountain Goat!). The best part is, because the EZG was discontinued earlier this year, I received the newer, better, awesomer, smarter, and more handsome version: the Wavesport Fuse 48! I was worried about the color--I didn't get to choose and I would have hated to get puke green or something. But, my new boat is beautiful sunshine yellow just like my beloved old one! Photos are below.

Also, just a side note: Captain Awesome and I have been keeping a written log for the past year to track all of our river time, but just yesterday we finally ran out of space in the dang thing. So we've decided to start an online version. I am sure no one will find this an interesting read other than the two of us, but nevertheless, if you want to follow along with our crazy whitewater adventures, The River Log is the place to find us.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kayaking Photos--Finally!

I have been kayaking on the river for about a year now, but we had yet to get any photos of the event. We finally got a few yesterday, thanks to my sister Cait who followed along with us whitewater 'yakers in an inflatable kayak (IK). Unfortunatly, we didn't notice the camera settings were off a bit until we were nearly done with the run (hence the blurry ones). Still--enjoy! I am in the orange kayak with blue gear. Gordon is in the yellow kayak with red gear (with or without a paddle!). And that is Caitlin in the IK.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Absolutly Priceless

My friends El and Curtis are raft guiding on the Clark Fork river this summer and had a great treat last week taking a group of nuns down the river. This picture...there just aren't words : ).