Sunday, February 10, 2008

Participatory Democracy

Gordon and I had a good time caucusing on Saturday afternoon. There were four different precincts meeting at the union hall that served as our caucus location and it sounded like everyone was very surprised by the turnout. There were probably about 200 people there. Apparently last election cycle there were only twelve people from our precinct at the caucus, but this time there were at least forty of us. Of course, Washingtonians actually had a chance to make a difference this year--usually by the time we get our turn to vote there is already a presumptive nominee.

In our precinct, we ended up with seven delegates for Obama and three for Hillary, which very nearly matches the state-wide results. Gordon and I were elected to be delegates for our precinct (for Obama), so we'll be going to the district and city caucuses in April as well. It will be really interesting to participate at those higher levels, I think. We are really looking forward to it.

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