Thursday, January 17, 2008

When Lovers Go Kayaking....

As you probably guessed by the title, Gordon picked today's blog topic : ).

So here's what I think about relationships: I lucked out. Gordon and I met and married when I was nineteen. What I now know about teenagers is that they are notorious for making bad decisions, and I am sure rushing into marriage with someone I didn't know all that well could be characterized as such by some people. But Gordon and I are still very happy and in love. We actually enjoy spending time together and bouncing new philisophical or poliitcal ideas off each other. I have strong suspicions that he likes me just the way I am. He's supportive and kind. Plus, he's totally sexy. So this is me, thanking my lucky stars for that : ).

Now, on to the much more exciting topic of kayaking. Or, more specifically, whitewater kayaking. Apparently, there are several types of kayaking and each has its own distict style and requires a different boat. I have never been whitewater kayaking, but from what I hear it is second to nothing on this Earth. I have it on good authority that kayakingness is next to godliness. Now, it being ass-cold here in Spokane right now, there isn't a lot of kayaking going on, however, Gordon and Co. were able to kayak for several hours last night in the EWU pool, so he is floating on air today (and can't wait to do it again next week). If I'm not mistaken, the best part of the evening was when he was surrounded by friends who repeatedly tipped his boat so he had to use combat rolls to get upright again. To some, this may sound like a new torture method that the CIA came up with to interrogate terrorism suspects, enemy combantants and innocent bystanders, but apparently it can also be "totally cool."

Happy Kayaking to All!

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