Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fun with Politics

Had a great political discussion at Drew's last night (over some fine red wine and a fabulous chicken curry). It was nice to have a discussion about politics that didn't devolve into irrational drivel.

I am so excited about this year's presidential race! It is such a widely varied field of candidates and there is no clear front-runner for either party yet. Isn't it exhilarating? So let's recap. In Iowa last week Obama came first for the Dems and Huckabee secured a win in the GOP. Both were sort of surprise wins (Possibly the real surprise there was who didn't win). Yesterday in New Hampshire Hilary Clinton and John McCain were the front-runners, both surprising wins that revitalized their campaigns. Next up is Michigan. Their primary will be held on January 15th. Nevada, South Carolina, and Florida round out the end of the month. Several candidates who have not yet had much success are counting on big South Carolina and Florida wins, which would shake up the race even further. February 5th is the big day, Super Tuesday. Nearly two dozen states hold their primary elections on that day (including California) and it usually serves to narrow the field of candidates down quite a bit. After that, the other states trickle in here and there. Here in Washington, we will hold our primary on February 19th, although our caucuses will be held on February 9th. Primary and Caucus results will be used by the Republican party to choose delegates for the national convention. The Democratic party will only use Caucus results to allocate delegates. So, if you lean towards Democrat and you have a strong opinion about a candidate, you should attend your local caucus meeting!

(This website should help you find a caucus in your area:

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Edward Ott said...

I must agree that this is one of the most diverce field we have ever had.