Monday, January 28, 2008

For Rent: Spacious Backyard Snow Cave with Great Location & Ammenities!

Spokane got some wonderful snow yesterday--and we played in it from dawn 'til dusk! Gordon and I strapped on our cross country skis and went up to the store just as the sun was rising. Since it was so early on a Sunday morning, no one was around and we were able to ski right down the middle of the streets. Later we picked up friends and went to try out Snow Bocce and Snow Croquet. I had high hopes for these new sports, but there were some obstacles I had not foreseen. The balls tend to sink into the snow and then continue rolling under the crust, so you have no idea where they are! We gave up those pursuits and Gordon decided to pass on his newly-acquired skills in snow cave building. We picked a nice spot in Cannon Hill Park and started shoveling. An hour or so later, we had a nice little snow cave--with room for four adults. Some local kids and a nice puppy enjoyed it as well. Snow caves are a very wet enterprise, so we all went home to shower and change. Or tried to, anyway--The snow hadn't let up the whole time we were in the park and we had a little trouble navigating the streets. Our little car got stuck several times and each time we'd all pile out to push it out of the snow or over the snow or around the snow. It was quite the adventure.

Even after beer and pizza at Benedito's for lunch, Gordon didn't seem to have the snow cave thing out of his system, so he got to work on another one in our backyard. This one was more of an igloo than a cave and was much larger. Several of our neighbors came out to have a look. We all ran out of energy as it got dark and cold, but Gordon pulled us right back out to finish it after we took a short break. It looks really cool--I'll try to post some photos as soon as I figure out how! : )

Today, all the schools in Spokane are closed, so Gordon is enjoying yet another snow day. It looks like a lovely clear morning, but there is more snow on the way. We now have over a foot of accumulation here in town and could get another foot within the next week, with the largest storm coming in around Thursday. Just think of the snow castles and labyrinths we could build then!

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