Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Swedish Pop I Promised : )

The band is Gyllene Tider. Song is "Sommartider" which means "Summertime."


Anonymous said...

All fine and dandy, except my computer keeps buffering when I try to play I can't hear anything. They look like popular guys, though.

I assume since you updated your blog, you guys made it home safely and didn't succumb to swine flu or to pirates. If only a certain coworker would let us know...(AHEM.) Seriously, though, did you guys have a good trip? We thought Jaima would be back in on Monday. Rumor around here is that she might NEVER return (or so thinks the smartypants that wrote that on her door.)


Jillian said...

Ha, I love it. She did talk a lot yesterday about hopping on some planes that *weren't* heading home... : ).

Yes we had a fabulous trip. We do both have the swine flu, though, unfortunatly (actually just a cold). We were days late getting back due to airline ineptitude--I'll let her tell you the story. She should be back into work tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. We are still going to post "Have You Seen Jaima?" posters, though.