Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Little Denmark Primer

People of Denmark are relaxed, casual, and modern. Copenhagen usually scores in the top 5--if not number 1--on "most live able cities" lists. Fewer than 5% of the Danes are regular church-goers, but the country has a state-supported national church called the Danish People's Church which is a sort of Evangelical Lutheran affair. About 50% of the population goes on to higher education after high school. Danes have a high degree of social responsibility and are involved in many social clubs and organizations. They take health and fitness very seriously. The classic Danish meal is smorrebrod--an open-faced sandwich on rye bread topped with meat or fish and an endless variety of garnishes. The Danes drink often, but not usually to excess. Citizens enjoy a high standard of living. Denmark was the first European country to legalize same-sex marriage, in 1989. The Danish government is a constitutional monarchy. The Queen, Margarethe II, has been ruling since 1972. Her signature is required on all legislation. Copenhagen is at a similar latitude to Moscow, central Scotland, and southern Alaska, but has a relatively mild climate.


Troy said...

If I move there, will all my problems go away?

Jillian said...

Yes, probably. What problems? Nothing a nice cold glass of akvavit* couldn't solve, I'm sure. :)

*Akvavit is the classic Danish liquor, most often spiced with carraway seeds and swallowed straight down in one shot.

Cait the Bait said...

Hola! I hope you two are having a wonderful time! Can't wait to read your first blog entry. :)