Friday, April 24, 2009

Greetings from Sweden!

Today we went to Lund (pronounced Lewnd) and Mälmö, Sweden. In Lund we saw a cathedral with a fancy clock and a giant in the crypt (who apparently helped build the church?). Then we went to an open air museum and got to tour around some authentic old Swedish homes. In Malmö we went to another castle. This one was made of brick and looked a bit like an old factory. It was used as a prison for many years after it stopped being a castle. Inside the castle was the strangest set of museums I have ever seem. There were exhibits on castle history, complete with grisly stories of beheadings (with recorded sound effects), an aquarium, a dinosaur exhibit, and something involving a scary black cat that talked to us in Swedish and was quite frightening. We will probably have nightmares. Also in Malmö, we saw another beautiful church and a cool old apothecary.

In other news, I bought a Swedish pop cd today. I will post some music later, so you will all be subjected to it : ).


Herbal Amanda said...

Wyatt Cenac from the Daily Show was in Sweden this week too, establishing the evils of socialism.

Was it Robin?

Sounds like you are having fun!

Gordon said...

Swedish pop cd? :-) that is very funny

Troy said...

Is there any way you could also post the sound effects of the beheading, and thus subject us to that as well? Or perhaps the Swedish-speaking cat?

Cait the Bait said...

Yay! I'm excited to hear you've been working on scavenger-hunt-esque items. :)