Thursday, March 20, 2008

Several Ways that My Cat Seymour and My Friend Drew Are Alike:

1. Seymour sometimes sits silently and glares/stares.
Drew sometimes sits silently and glares/stares.

2. Seymour loves to play with his catnip mouse.
Drew loves to play Modest Mouse.

3. Seymour is always demanding that we feed him.
Drew eats over at our place a lot.

4. Seymour seems to have a limited aptitude for happiness.
Drew has his "short list."

5. Seymour prefers the cheap cat food and turns his nose up if we buy him anything nicer.
Drew drinks Miller High Life almost exclusively.

6. Seymour never gets any girls.
Drew says he prefers to "let the girls come to him."

7. Seymour is unnecessarily snuggly at times.
Drew gets "handsy" when he's drunk.

8. Seymour is deathly afraid of water, but is also unnaturally drawn to a full bathtub.
Drew is a whitewater kayaker who has "the fear."

9. Seymour is obnoxious, yet strangely lovable.
Drew is obnoxious, strange and lovable.

Eerie, isn't it?

1 comment:

Herbal Amanda said...

yes very, though you forgot to mention they both have black hair/fur...