Friday, August 6, 2010

Yearbook Photos

Thanks to Troy and Laura (and my slow workdays) for these gems:

Ah, 1960. What a lovely year...

I was a good girl in 1966

1980, not quite fully into my crazy grunge period yet...

Ah, there it is. 1984!

I think I look just like Jaima in this photo (Jaima of 1992, not Jaima of 2010)

But things finally started coming together by 2000. Whew!


Troy said...

You look JUST like my mom (in the 1960s) in that first picture. Very disturbing. Now I can't believe I dated you, but you know what they, "You marry (or sometimes just date) your mother."

1984 was cool, and not only because I was two years old, but because I remember clearly destroying that amazing hair-style with two well-placed wads of strawberry Bubblicious. Despite the jar of peanut butter used in the attempt to remove it, you lost a good third of your hair if I remember correctly (of course, everything seems like a lot to a two-year old, especially one as small as me). Good thing you got that awesome portrait before hair-gum fiasco.

Gotta love!

Troy said...

WV: rundinet, "Remember that crazy big hair of yours? I rundinet."