Friday, August 27, 2010


Music I am currently (and probably temporarily) obsessed with:

(Yes, you have to watch all 3 videos. No, you may not just watch the first one. No, you may not just watch the first thirty seconds of each one and then comment as if you have an informed opinion. No, I don't care that you are trying to watch this at work and the third video happens to feature a guy dancing (prancing?) around in his underwear) : )

BTW, I love all these, but they are in order from best to not-quite-as-best. : )


Herbal Amanda said...

Ok so I watched Grace Kelly like five times in a row, then had to look up the rest of his stuff, and Queen ( since he reminded me of Freddy Mercury) then found the We are Golden song! Reminded me of prancing around in my underwear as a teenager! Love it!! I will buy 'The Boy who knew too much' and 'We are Golden- Single, if you get 'Life in Cartoon Motion'!!! I can download it on my computer :)

WV: inguisto, to ingest with gusto!

Troy said...

I strongly agree with the ranking of those videos. Laura sung along to the first one (apparently its a remake). To prove that I am a less-than-stellar parent, my 3-year-old watched all of those videos sitting on my lap. Yes, even the third one (but not at work, that would have been trouble). She kept saying, "I want to go back to the first one and see it again." So did I.

Thanks for sharing!

Troy said...

Ok, after a little (meaningless) research, we have determined that it is not, in fact, a remake. I've just never heard of Mika, and Laura has heard the song, but unaware of who originally performed it. It sounds like something Queen would have done.

Cait the Bait said...

Okay so my lunch is about to start and I've only gotten through two videos (you are SO getting me in trouble!), but I HAVE TO POST! OMG! :)
I've known the first song for a couple years, and always liked it but NEVER knew the personality behind the song. So awesome! And a house/dance party/POTLUCK? How cool!?
THEN! The SECOND VIDEO BLEW MY MIND. :) That song rocks. It is pure fun, and the dancing is great. PLUS! A group of people in a restaurant all break out in dance at the same time! I've ALWAYS wanted that to happen in real life! Musicals rocks. And so does his crazy high voice.
Okay, I will post about the last one soon. Jill, you are great.

Troy said...

If you made a graph of blog posts over time (in years), the line for your blog would look something like this:

| **
| ***
| *
| *
| *
ZERO| *********

That's about the best I could do.

Troy said...

Oh darn, that didn't work at all. :( Hopefully the spirit of the comment was conveyed.