Monday, October 19, 2009

Time to Update Our Currency?

Countries around the world (and in Europe, especially) have recently been updating or redesigning their paper currency for a more unique, modern look. Though we in the States have made some small changes to our larger bills over the past few years, our dollars still look awfully old-fashioned. Designers around the world have suggestions for us, however. What do you think of these designs?



My favorite:

More info and designs are here.


The Imaginary Reviewer said...

American currency should definitely be updated. I've never been to any country that had such daft and interchangable notes. Look down at your wallet in England, Canada, the Euro Zone or Japan, and you'll see straight away if you have a ten pound/dollar/euro/thousand yen note. But in America I'm always poring through my money like a lawyer looking for a relevant piece of information in a room full of file folders. It's very inconvenient when you're in a long queue.

Herbal Amanda said...

I agree with IR, we need new money, it would probably make us more efficient!

Troy said...

Personally, I prefer the age of stone tablets and the occasional copper talent. I'd be willing to modify my wallet for that.