Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun with Fonts!

I am a huge fan of fonts. Of the classic Microsoft Word package, I’ve always loved Goudy Old Style, Perteptua, and Century Schoolbook. Most of the rest, however, are either too ridiculous to ever use or just plain boring after all these years. So I’ve taken the time to discover some new ones available on the market.

I usually find script fonts to be obnoxious, either because they are too small to read or too flowery. But these are delicious:

I’ve also found I prefer serif to sans serif:

But here are a couple sans serif fonts I like:

And a few funs ones for you:

More new fonts are here. Enjoy!


Troy said...

In lieu of Danish butter cookies, you can write me a letter using your favorite (up to five) fonts. Single spaced, but no page limit. I personally like SPEAKEASY and JEZEBEL, but probably just because they sound a little risque.

wv: esswer; "Mom, make Jillian stop saying the esswer!"

Herbal Amanda said...

I shall use Jezebel for all my correspondence for now on!

wv:Boota; "I will boota you outta here, you great lout!"

Cait the Bait said...

I feel more creative just having looked at those. :)

Cait the Bait said...

Today I am a very, very tired cat who wants to lay on a bed all day. And occasionally stretch and eat.