Monday, January 12, 2009

The Rickshaw Run

Though it may seem we never want for adventure here in Spokanistan, in fact...we long for adventure. So, here's the latest hair-brained plan:

The Rickshaw Run is a charity event that takes place in India about twice a year. Teams of three raise money for charity (MercyCorps, Frank Water Projects and SOS Children's Villages are the official charities) then take off in a hired rickshaw and race for about 4000 kilometers from southern India to the north. Here's how the website describes it:

The Rickshaw Run is pretty simple. With no preparation and less luggage one flies to the Indian Subcontinent and does one's damndest to force 150cc of Indian engineering over thousands of miles of questionable terrain in around two weeks.

Upon arrival we pause briefly for a game of cricket followed by tea and cakes before revving our engines and setting off. We stop only to wet our whistles on the occasional gin and tonic at specially selected refreshment points.

Sounds awesome, right? Gordon and our friend Bill are trying to put at least one team together, plus raise the necessary funds for charity (part of the entrance fee).

Here's a small taste of the action:

Totally. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

That's just CRAZY talk!

Jillian said...

Well, Mom, you always said that we could do anything we set our minds to....

Herbal Amanda said...

Looks as awesome as you described. Gordon should definatly do this :)

Cait the Bait said...

making a cover letter as we speak... or as I write... whichever.