Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kayaking Update

I had an awesome time kayaking last night at Open Pool. I am really starting to get the hang of my roll finally. I did over twenty solid, smooth rolls and it hardly even tired me out. If you are doing the roll incorrectly, you can get tired very quickly because your body is straining so hard to get out of the water (plus, you could easily injure yourself). Gordon had me doing several in a row, no stopping in between, which helps to build muscle memory and also prepares you a little bit for the disoriented feeling of a combat roll (an unexpected tumble on the river). Also, Gordon is teaching me how to do plowing enders and lean cleans. It is really delightful to be hanging out in a warm pool in the middle of frozen winter, too. Feels like a little taste of summer each week, which we could all use right about now : ).


Herbal Amanda said...

I think I want to join you next wednesday. I was going to come by last night but I got a headache :( Glad to hear you are confident in your roll. Congrats

Jillian said...

HA--The intro class starts next wednesday, so there is no open pool. But you should totally do the intro class (Caitlin is doing it too). Gordon and Drew are the instructors. It runs for 4 weeks and includes a Roll Clinic at the end. I think the cost is $75. Talk to Gordo about it. : )