Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Very Bad Poetry

From my friends at verybadpoetry.com, here are a few gems. Please feel free to share your own bad poetry in the comments. : )

The Story Of A Green M&M Juxtaposed With The Blue-Greenness Of Dill Weed
The M&M is small,
the faded imprint of
the trademark "M"
glaring at the upper
portion of the room

Filamental crackly sort
of opaque plastic hovers
like an electric halo
over cardboard flaps:
Blue-green reeking
Kentucky-esque faux
landscape contained
within the static

Creeping up the wave
and frightening the M&M
into inferiority (it has
no smell) Dill Weed
in it's Rockfly-Nymph
imitation green facade
overpowers the room
and makes me think
of smalltown corner
stores in early September,
which brings me back
to the M&M.
~By Dolores Azul

Broken Television
Broken Television
We were more than just friends
O' baby
I feel the pain, without you
Broken heart, you know it's true
Set me free, heart to heart,
Kissing your lips makes me feel warm inside

Don't hide your love,
Goodbye my dove.


~by John Zodiac


Troy said...

Not so much poetry...more of a story that I wrote when I was six, but enjoyable nonetheless for the profound concept it embodies:

"I saw something.
I saw something.
I saw something
strange flying
around and
it was something.

Was it a plane?
Was it a bug?
What was that?
Was it a bird?
It was a bird."
-Troy Robeck, age 6

For the entire experience, complete with bad spelling and awesome illustrations, go to our blog:


Thanks for sharing the aweful poetry? Never would have thought of kissing lips on a TV.

Troy said...
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Jillian said...

That is a very moving poem, Troy. You truly have a way with words and imagery and metaphor and stuff. : )

Herbal Amanda said...

I once wrote a poem about the the French Revolution it was pages long and very bad with no real meter, but I got an A on the assignment for the sheer audacity of even trying to write it lol