Thursday, June 18, 2009

Science Scouts!!

I am waaay into science. Love reading about it, anyway—-never been very good at actually doing it. So here’s the club for me and all you other science geeks: The Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique. It’s just like Boy Scouts but with way more interesting badges! Here are a few you can earn:

The “quantum mechanics… I soooo get it” badge.
And not afraid to make fun of those who don't!

The “I’m a marine biologist and, to be honest, I kind of f***ing hate dolphins” badge.
A more common sentiment than you would think.

The “broken heart for science” badge.
In which the recipient's passion for science has led to their significant other leaving.

The “I’ve eaten what I study” badge.
Recipients have prepared their object of study as a cuisine item for eating. Hopefully, the minority of MD’s are ineligible for this one.

The “somewhat confused as to what scientific field I actually belong to” badge.
Also known as the transdiscplinary, interdiscplinary, multidisciplinary, or intradisciplinary badge.

The “I work with way too much radioactivity, and yet still no discernable superpowers yet” badge.
…Although not for lack of trying…

The “destroyer of quackery” badge.
In which the recipient never ever backs down from an argument that pits sound science over quackery.

The “totally digs highly exothermic reactions” badge.
Might be best to keep an eye on such recipients.

The “sexing up science” badge.
In which the recipient has had experience with things such as selective breeding, crossing, mate selection, prokaryotic conjugation, fertility studies, STD related microbiology, and/or any other acceptable interpretation of the badge.

And my personal favorite:

The “I blog about science” badge.
In which the recipient maintains a blog where at least a quarter of the material is about science. Suffice to say, this does not include scientology.

More hilarious badges are here.


Troy said...

Those are pretty hilarious. I can't say that I deserve the "I've eaten what I study" badge, but do they have a "I've eaten with WHAT I study badge"?

By the way, I'm not see the Robeck Family blog on the blogroll. tsk, tsk

wv: debacked, as in what would happen if you tried to slide down Mt. Everest NOT on your stomach (although destomached would also be a good wv)

Troy said...

I put the emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAble...I meant to say "I've eaten WITH what I study badge." I may have sort of ruined the funniness, if there ever was any.

Jillian said...

Don't worry, Troy. You are funny whether you are trying or not :). I will add you to the blogroll.