Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How Are You Doing Today?

I recently stumbled upon the How Are You Doing Project and I’m hooked. The project is brand new, just begun this month by Laura Mayer. It’s an audio art project that attempts “to recognize both the beauty in the everyday and the importance in taking the time to ask one another about our lives.” It works like this: There’s an 800 number you can call and leave messages answering the simple question, “How are you doing today?” Calls are recorded, edited (to add music and remove any identifying information left by the callers) and posted to the website. I listened to some of the posts today and it is amazing. Whether the caller is telling a long story about something they’ve been through recently, or just quickly saying they are doing fine, there is a strange but positive feeling that comes from listening to these anonymous people share little slices of their lives. As the website says, it’s “an exercise in everyday empathy.”

I really tried to get some samples to put on the blog, but it doesn't look like that's possible, so you will have to go to the website to listen. Which I really recommend.

The number is here: 1-800-737-6045. Call and let the world know how you are doing.


Herbal Amanda said...

I didn't call the number so I will just tell you. I am tired and thirsty reading and writing poetry. Today is sunny. I like sunny.

Troy said...

I'm doing great! Ask the person I just did some oral surgery on. Oh wait...I gave him some Percocet. Can't be too bad.

That website's a cool idea. I'll have to check it out when I have time. Will I be recognizing your voice at all?

Jillian said...

Yes, yes you might ;-)