Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Patrol

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In honor of the HUGE GIANT RUN-FOR-YOUR-LIVES snowstorm that is predicted to hit today, I put together a little Snow Patrol mix. Enjoy!


Herbal Amanda said...

WooHoo SNOW! Yaya!

Troy said...

I just bought "In a Pickle!!!"

Jillian said...

HA: Snow Report didn't really pan out though, did it? So, guess who's prediction was spot on?? :)

Troy: So glad you liked the game! Another one you might like is Lord of the Fries. Zombies working in fast food restaurants--can't go wrong with that :).

Herbal Amanda said...

you have to rub it in... sigh, stupid ice with dusting of snow over it. When will it really snow!?! I want to make a snow-woman already!