Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where I Was Two Years Ago This Week....

Thanks to Jaima, one of the best travel buddies ever, for the reminder!

Street in Vienna

Parliament Building in Budapest

Matthias Church in Budapest

Spa in Budapest, "like bathing in a cathedral"

Bratislava, Slovakia

Jaima, this one's just for you. Notice something missing from this photo? A McDonald's, for example? :)

Pecs, Hungary


Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to go back! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, so was I! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. And how did you remove McD's?


Jillian said...

I want to go back too! I had such a good time that trip. Remember the Harry Potter trains? And the cold cherry soup? And Buda Castle Labyrinth?!