Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Odds and Ends

You may have noticed that the two books I'm reading right now (according to this here blog, anyway) have been the same for quite some time now. Truth is, I have started both books and they are both excellent--interesting and thought-provoking. But then I got distracted. I'll go ahead and blame it on the season--no self-respecting summer reading list is complete without a big chunk of escapist fiction, huh? So I re-read the first three Harry Potter books, then I read two Agatha Christie novels (in one day!), now I'm working on Jurassic Park (One of my all-time favorites--I'm at the part right now where the T-Rex is attacking the two children in the cars!). I have a couple other works of fiction on my list and then, I promise, I'll get back to reading the good stuff. : )

Also, I thought I'd call attention to a little addition to TLaJ that I doubt anyone has noticed. Way down at the bottom of the page I've added a "Where I've Been" map. Quite fun. There is a feature where you can turn the countries you want to visit green, but I would just end up turning the whole thing green, so I didn't bother. Top three countries I am dying to see right now are Turkey, Greece, and Croatia. And Czech Republic. And Morocco and Spain. See, this gets out of hand fast.

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