Friday, May 9, 2008

Just A Quick Note From Your Mother

There is a Newsweek article in the upcoming issue (I am so addicted to Newsweek, I have to go online to read the newest articles before they are even printed, pathetic) about a new blog that lets people post emails and other missives that they get from their mothers. It is called Postcards From Yo Momma and was started by two young journalists in New York. They were sending each other copies of emails that their mothers had sent them and were having so much fun sharing that they decided to open it up to the public. A few months later they had over 2000 submissions. Some are really funny, most are very sweet. Here are a few from the article:

"Call me. I suffer."

"tell me about face book. do you have a page on it? can anyone look at your page? I am worried about this type of thing."

"Have fun in Houston . Keep in touch with your strawberry."

"good news!Our insurance covers : THE HPV VACCINATION.but, this is NOT a license to have wild, unprotected sex, y'know!! hehehhehehee.xox,mom"

"I love you. I will pray for you. Be sure and take some kind of i.d. so if your plane crashes and burns they will know who to call. Hope you do that on all your trips anyway. That way if I don't get a dreadful call, I will know you are just fine and happy."

"I was in the car listening to the radio, and who is this "shorty" they keep talking about in rap songs?"

"Me: Do you read my blog? I can track who is reading it and I think you may be. Me no likey mother.
Mom: What's a blag?
Me: It is a sin to lie. Don't play coy with me!! Are you reading my "online journal"?
Mom: I barely have time to call you! I don't know how to do my space or whatever it is. You may recall that when I asked you about how it worked, you never showed me."

"std's are on the rise. love, mom."

"Dad and I deposited some money into your bank account since it looks like you blew your last paycheck at H&M."

"If you are ever thinking about giving up your (beautiful custom handmade) dresser unit, (that Tom made for YOU), please let me know before you throw it out. I really do know that you and Charles are not into wood, and you'd like to get something new, sleek and chrome, silver, or whatever. I've discussed this with Tom. It won't hurt any body's feelings, at this point in time. I can't imagine that you would hold onto something as a keepsake. Please let me know. asap. It's really OK."

For more, see the link above.
Happy Mother's Day!

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