Wednesday, April 9, 2008

*Travel Alert*

Well, I can't let this day go by without at least mentioning that I'M GOING TO JAPAN TOMORROW!!

For anyone who wants to follow along at home, here's the basic itinerary:

April 10: Fly to Osaka. Due to time difference, we don't actually get there until evening of April 11.
April 12: Day trip out of Osaka to Nara (temple, shrine, Buddhist art, gardens)
April 13: Day trip out of Osaka to Himeji (temple, castle, old samurai quarters)
April 14: Travel to Kobe and Shikoku (temples, gorgeous mountains valleys & waterfalls)
April 15: More Shikoku, then travel to Kyoto
April 16: Sites of Kyoto (temples, gardens, shrines, museums)
April 17: More Kyoto sites (cherry blossoms!)
April 18: More Kyoto sites (castle, market)
April 19: Travel back to Osaka, fly home. We leave Japan at 5:15pm and arrive in Spokane at 4:30pm, a good 45 minutes before we left!

***I may be able to post Think Like A Jillian updates while I'm away***

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Herbal Amanda said...

In case you missed my Bon VOyage in my blog today: 幸せな旅行!